Manual Actuator - Cylinder Thread M6 Lathe

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Manual Actuator for Mills and Lathes

The Actuators are specifically designed for gripping the ID of blind holes but may also be incorporated in many applications that require a straight draw actuated 90 degrees from the drive screw. They are capable of gripping on bores ranging from .16" (4.1mm) to 1.39" (35.3mm) using our standard ID clamps, Models #00 through #4. (flange on #4 may require modification when mounting to Mill Actuator)

The Mill block can be mounted in several ways including on a fixture plate, for high density workholding applications, or gripped in a vise. The same bolt hole configuration can be used for both the vertical and horizontal planes.

Both styles of Actuators come completely assembled with the heat-treated cylinders tapped for the following clamp drive screws: M2, M4, M6, M8, M10 and M12.




  • Manual Actuators will produce over 4,000 lbs. of pull-force with 45 ft. lbs. of torque. Do not exceed 5 ft/lbs with the M2 or 20ft/lbs with the M4
  • Customer will mount clamps onto the Actuator according to clamp instructions. Actuators may be used with clamps other than ID Xpansion™ Clamps.
  • The Mill version has 8 mounting holes with 1.75" (44.45mm) spacing for 1/4-20 (or M6) mounting bolts.
  • The “top” access hole for the clamp drive screw is approximately .315" (8mm) for the M2 through M8 and .484" (12.3mm) for the M10 and M12.
  • Cylinder travel is .040" (1.016mm)
  • Threaded cylinders may be interchanged with our other cylinder sizes by first removing the retaining ring and the actuator drive screw and then tapping out the cylinder. This may require the use of a rubber mallet and punch.
  • Threaded cylinders are heat treated to 54 RC, and have a diameter of 5/8" (15.875mm).
  • Both the Mill and Lathe versions are made of 12L14 with a black oxide finish.

Operation & Use:

  • Align Indicator mark on actuating screw (A) (apex of cam) with the alignment mark on actuator housing.
  • Lightly tighten clamp drive screw (B).
  • Tighten actuator drive screw (A) expanding ID clamp .002 – .005" (.050 – .13mm).
  • Machine clamp to size of your bore.
  • Loosen actuator drive screw (A) aligning marks once again.
  • Loosen clamp drive screw (B) approximately 1/8 turn.

Ready for use, load parts and tighten actuator screw. Do not exceed 45 ft/lbs of torque. Care should be taken not to over-tighten with the smaller diameter screws (M2, M4).


Manual Actuator


Mill Lathe 1"
34502 CAD 34602 CAD 38602 CAD M2 34002
34504 CAD 34604 CAD 38604 CAD M4 34004
34506 CAD 34606 CAD 38606 CAD M6 34006
34508 CAD 34608 CAD 38608 CAD M8 34008
34510 CAD 34610 CAD 38610 CAD M10 34010
34512 CAD 34612 CAD 38612 CAD M12 34012
Mounting screws not included